Opportunities for Innovation

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The College of Music offers students multiple paths for 
developing their creative abilities.

A Global Focus on Music

Music bridges cultures and broadens perspectives. At the College of Music, we recognize the power and purpose of international programs that build relationships, create opportunities, and encourage scholarly exchange. Our international focus mirrors that of the university and provides students with exceptional educational and performance programs that expand cultural competence. Many of our faculty and students have strong international connections that foster partnerships and exchanges with universities, municipalities, and guest artists.

The College of Music participates in a range of international programs that include study abroad options, collaborations, faculty and student exchanges, festivals, and educational and curriculum development opportunities. By offering our students a global experience, we hope to build perceptive musicians and educators who contribute to the quality of life around the world.

Our current programs include:

  • MSU-China Vocal Collaboration
  • Summer Study Abroad in Havana, Cuba
  • Summer Study Abroad in Todi, Italy
  • Semester Study Abroad in Vienna, Austria

New Directions in Music Education

The College of Music’s Music Education program provides students with unparalleled options for improving their skills as educators and artists. We are committed to encouraging and expanding scholarship in new, innovative, and developing areas of music education and advancing practical applications of that scholarship. Among the many opportunities we provide music education students is participation in the cutting-edge New Directions in Music Education initiative.

The New Directions in Music Education conference, hosted by Michigan State University since 1997, provides a stimulating environment for sharing the latest scholarly advances and best teaching practices from some of the world’s foremost teachers, researchers, and musicians. Participants attend presentations and clinics that explore new approaches to music making, new types of music classes, and new ways of working with traditional instrumental and vocal ensembles. The conference is designed for school music teachers 
and for collegiate faculty and students.

The quarterly e-journal, New Directions: A Journal of Scholarship, Creativity and Leadership in Music Education, is a space for the music education community to discuss, debate, and engage with one another around the questions and conversations that fuel our growth as a profession. New Directions accepts submissions in alternative presentation formats, including audio and video material, websites, slide shows, and other formats. Contributions include:   

  • Policy briefs
  • Curriculum studies
  • Pedagogical and conducting analyses
  • Position statements        
  • Collaborative writing
  • Reports of research of any methodological paradigm or design