Faculty Governance

Standing Committee membership as shown below takes effect in Fall 2016 following the MSU College of Music election.



Area Chairs

Brass  Philip Sinder Expires Spring 2020
Composition Ricardo Lorenz Expires Spring 2019
Conducting Kevin Sedatole Expires Spring 2019
Musicology/Ethnomusicology Ken Prouty Expires Spring 2017
Jazz Studies Rodney Whitaker  
Music Education Mitchell Robinson Expires Spring 2018
Music Theory Michael Callahan Expires Spring 2017
Percussion Gwen Dease Expires Spring 2020
Piano Deborah Moriarty Expires Spring 2019
Strings Suren Bagratuni Expires Spring 2019
Vocal Arts Richard Fracker Expires Spring 2018
Woodwinds Jan Eberle Expires Spring 2019

College Committees

Advisory Committee

Rodney Whitaker Performance Expires Spring 2017
Diego Rivera Performance Expires Spring 2018
Cynthia Taggart Academic Expires Spring 2017
Michael Callahan Academic Expires Spring 2018
Jane Bunnell At-Large: no area rotation Expires Spring 2017

Ad hoc Committee on Diversity and Inclusion

Juliet Hess
Chen-Yu Huang
Marcie Ray
Diego Rivera
Mark Sullivan
Talitha Wimberly
Rodney Whitaker, director

Undergraduate Committee

Randy Napoleon Performance Expires Spring 2018
Gwen Dease Performance Expires Spring 2019
Leigh VanHandel Acad: Theory/Composition Expires Spring 2018
Michael Largey Acad: Ed/Musicology Expires Spring 2019
Sandra Snow At-Large: Theory/Composition Expires Spring 2017

Faculty Travel Committee

Guy Yehuda, chair 2014-2017
Sandra Snow 2015-2018
Jane Bunnell 2016-2019

Graduate Committee

Guy Yehuda Performance Expires Spring 2018
Corbin Wagner Performance Expires Spring 2019
Marcie Ray Acad: Ed/Musicology Expires Spring 2018
Patrick Johnson Acad: Theory/Comp Expires Spring 2019
Marc Embree At-Large: at-large: Ed/Musicology Expires Spring 2017

Technology Committee

Michael Kroth
Mark Sullivan
Bruce Taggart

Visiting Artist/Lecturer Committee

Sarah Long, chair 2014-2017
Richard Sherman 2015-2018
Xavier Davis 2016-2019

University Committees

Steering Committee Deborah Moriarty (2016-2018)
Chair (2016-2017)
University Council/Faculty Senate

Kevin Noe (2016-2017)
Diego Rivera (2016-2018)

Standing Committees    

University Committee on Academic Governance Melanie Helton (2016-2018)
University Committee on Undergraduate Education Jan Eberle (2016-2017)
University Committee on Curriculum Mitch Robinson (2010-2017)

University Committee on Faculty Affairs

Juliet Hess (2016-2018)

University Committee on Faculty Tenure Michael Dease (2014-2017)
University Committee on Graduate Studies Jonathan Reed (2013-2017)
University Student-Faculty Judiciaries

Xavier Davis (2016-2018)
Guy Yehuda (2016-2018)

Advisory Committees

University Committee on International Studies and Programs Panayis Lyras (2013-2017)
University Committee for the Library Sarah Long (2016-2017)
University Committee on Honors Programs Corbin Wagner (2015-2017)
University Committee on Liberal Learning Diego Rivera (2015-2017)