International Students

MSU welcomes great diversity and a thriving international community.  Music students from other countries inevitably face unique challenges. Please take the time to review the many requirements and forms needed.  

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Office of International Students (OISS) Forms

Information on CPT

CPT Form - Gigs only - (Orchestra & Jazz)

CPT Form - NON- Gigs - (Teaching or Church)

Sample CPT Letter for Employers

J-1 Form 

Enrollment Requirements 

Online Course Policy

Info on Reduced Course Load (RCL)

Reduced Courseload Form

Visiting Scholars - If you are interested in becoming a J-1 scholar at MSU, the first step is to establish a relationship with a professor in the College of Music.  Once that professor has decided to host you and notified us, the Graduate Office will compose a letter and work with you to get the necessary paperwork to submit an application to OISS on your behalf. 

Visiting Scholars Checklist 

Employer's Guide to hiring International Students