Career Coaching

Michael Callahan

Faculty Member

Dr. Michael Callahan spearheaded the launch of Running Start, the music-entrepreneurial initiative of the Michigan State University College of Music, in 2012.  Through faculty-led workshops, guest presenters, and student interest groups, this program has shifted the culture of the college toward a broader conception of career readiness for musicians.  He also envisioned the now-annual Running Start Competition, which encourages students to plan entrepreneurial projects that will make their artistry meaningful to others, and awards funding to realize the winning proposal.

Callahan, an Associate Professor of Music Theory, has research interests in eighteenth-century music, the Great American Songbook, and music theory pedagogy.  He is the recipient of the prestigious MSU Teacher-Scholar Award (2014), the Lilly Teaching Fellowship (2013-14), and a grant from the Humanities and Arts Research Program (2013-15).