Course Work

College of Music

Entrepreneurial career prepreparation: 

  • MUS 101: Practical Foundations for Success in Music. Introduction to skills necessary for academic success in music, careers in music, entrepreneurship, and professionalism in music.
  • MUS 496: Your Music Business. Working in small groups, students develop and present a business plan for a music-related business.

Careers in Academia: 

  • MUS 964: Seminar In College Music Teaching. Students prepare for careers in post secondary education by developing their teaching skills. Topics include assessment, curriculum development, classroom technology, and teaching adult students.
  • College of Music’s Certificate in College Teaching (CCT): Designed to help prepare graduate students for careers in post-secondary education and enhance the quality of their teaching while at MSU. Learn more about CCT in the admissions section of this website.

Specialized topics: 

  • MUS 112 and MUS 856: Chamber Music. Students learn to speak about music to diverse audiences and are required to present an outreach concert.
  • MUS 491 and MUS 891: Healthy Musicianship. Students learn about healthy musical and lifestyle habits and choices, musculoskeletal issues, hearing conservation, voice care, and psychological issues from members of the MSU Musician’s Wellness Team.

For information on the undergraduate Minor in Entrepreneurship, please see "Other Courses"