Running Start Spotlights

Michael Armendariz

January Interview

Michael Armendariz, DMA student
Can you summarize your current entrepreneurial projects in a sentence or two?

I was recently appointed to Music Business program Coordinator at New Mexico State University. The student-run group will be producing a variety of live shows this year in order to give them hands-on experience with Live Event productions as well as raise funds to travel to conventions, find internships, and bring in guest lecturers.
How has your career, project, or initiative been growing and developing since you graduated? Since last year? What are your next steps as you go forward?
Since the appointment I have worked quite a bit to develop this program as well as continue to perform on my instrument. I would like to continue teaching and performing as well as working with the Music Business program and getting students 'ready for the real world'!
How has the College of Music prepared you to embark on your career?*
The Music entrepreneurship course with Professor Niblett, as well as the outreach opportunities with the MSU CMS has furthered my understanding and appreciation of organizing and following through with connections/performances.
What words of wisdom do you have for prospective MSU students?
Be as flexible and versatile as possible. Be the kind of musician that musicians/directors want to work with. Creating lasting relationships with people that encourage your growth is just as important as being a good player.