Pavilion Spaces and Floor Plans

Music Pavilion Spaces

Jazz Rehearsal and Performance Hall
1850 sq. ft. Fits 148 seats (120 seats first level, 28 balcony seats)

Large Rehearsal Hall
2950 sq. ft. Fits 94 musicians in an orchestra rehearsal setup

Medium Rehearsal Hall
2150 sq. ft. Fits 64 musicians for band rehearsal
Includes audiovisual infrastructure for ambisonic performances

Percussion Rehearsal Hall
870 sq. ft. Fits 10-15 musicians in a rehearsal setup

Practice Rooms
45 additional practice rooms, various sizes and configurations

2,800 sq. ft. New: 1,600 sq. ft. Renovated: 620 sq. ft. Balcony: 580 sq. ft.

Renovated Spaces

Vocal Arts Hall for Choral/Opera & Student Recitals 1,620 sq. ft. (Room 120)

  • Choral rehearsal (60 choral seats)
  • Opera rehearsal (no specific seat count – loose furniture, etc)
  • Recital/performance (91 audience seats)
  • Classroom layout (48 student seats)

Practice Rooms
23 Rooms: Renovation, expansion and upgrading

Recording Suite

Student Lounge


Floor Plans